Sunbeamtech Rheostat 6 Fan Controller

The Sunbeamtech Rheostat 6 Fan Controller gives you six separate fan speed controls for your computer systems control of cooling or to make use of the motherboard fan control to all six fans instead of just one.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

Sunbeamtech Rheostat 6 Fan Controller

Sunbeamtech adds a new fan control system to their PC accessories with the Rheostat 6 Fan Controller that puts the control of six separate fans at your fingertips. You can control the speed of any of the six outputs using the front knobs for specific fan speed and air flow control or tie any of the six to the motherboard PWM system.

The PWM or pulse width modulation system used on motherboards is a four pin connection from your motherboard that allows automatic fan speed control by the motherboard and computer system. This automatic control will speed up and slow down the fan according to temperatures from a sensor and a small circuit that will help to keep your system or parts of it at a desired temperature.

The PWM system uses a four pin connection and there are usually only one or sometimes two connections on motherboards that allow the system to control one or two fans. Using the Sunbeamtech Rheostat 6 Fan Controller you can connect one four pin PWM connection to the controller and connect up to six fans for control by the PWM system.

Whats in the Box

This allows for more or less airflow and air to your system according to the desired amount that a sensor wants in your system instead of just guessing or setting the fans to maximum all the time. The Sunbeamtech Rheostat 6 is easy to install  not only for system builders but for anyone interested in digging inside their computer for the first time.

The Rheostat 6 comes with the fan controller that fits inside a 5.25 inch bay slot, four mounting screws, cables to connect the fan controller to your motherboard, power supply and six fans as well as instructions for installation and use. The fan controller fits nicely into a 5.25 inch bay of your computer and is only about 3 inches long, much shorter than your DVD optical drives that usually go into the 5.25 inch bays.

The fans cables all are pretty easy to install and the board of the fan controller with its eight connections are well marked as well as having cables that are uniquely connected. You really cannot connect things the wrong way and once you have the six or how many fans you want to the card the other two connections are the motherboard PWM connection and the power supply connection.

Inside Connections

The power supply connects to the Molex four pin connector using the included cable and the package even has two extensions for fans that are further away from the Rheostat 6. The controls for fans are either controlled by the PWM system using the front button below each knob or by the knob itself for low to high speed for each fan.

Fan speed will vary according to each fan design as the controller simply outputs from zero to 12 volts through each controller using the knob. This works well for things if you have a system where some fans push air through your case but the other fans for things like your CPU only need to work depending on the CPU usage at the time.

Rheostat 6 in Work System

Having fans controlled by you for your full system means you can keep the noise level as well as air flow at what you need and want while things like memory, CPU or graphics cooling can be based on what the system needs. The Rheostat 6 is a great combination fan controller for both system needs and personal preferences in noise levels.

Using the Rheostat 6 is as easy as connecting the fans and controller to your system and deciding what you want controlled by the system and what you want to set yourself. I have had no problems using the controller and highly recommend the Rheostat 6 from Sunbeamtech for a great fan controller.

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