Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse

The Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse is an ergonomic mouse with a smaller size that has a unique pivot system to help with repetitive motion problems.

Ease of Use, Performance: 18/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 21/25
How much I enjoy 18/25

Total: 80/100

Smartfish Whirl Mini

The Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse is an ergonomic laser mouse designed especially for those who need more from their mouse than good looks. The ergonomic design with its unique pivoting top section makes the mouse gently conform to the most natural position of your hand and wrist.

The Smartfish Whirl Mini comes with the mouse itself, two AAA batteries, a receiver and instruction book with a colorful selection of mice to choose from. Installing the batteries is easy in the small compartment between the base and the top portion of the mouse where you can also store the receiver when not in use.

The base of the mouse is roughly the same size as the mouse which is a common size for notebook mice in diameter but not height. The mouse and base is about an inch and a half tall with the base being about a half inch tall, the mouse pivots where these two connect.

Whats in the Box

Combatting Carpal Tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion problems with an ergonomic mouse makes sense to me, I suffer from CP and wear wrist bands at night for relief. My wrist problems are not so bad that I will resort to surgery but I do wear wrist braces and try hard not to annoy my wrists.

I do occasionally get a lack of feeling in my fingers from the nerves being pinched in my wrists, called Carpel Tunnel syndrome. Using an ergonomic mouse and other ergonomic or specially designed devices like my desk chair as well as practicing safe ergonomic habits is important to me like a lot of people.

An ergonomic design is supposed to help you perform your daily tasks without discomfort or pain from performing the same movements again and again. The Smartfish Mouse is an ergonomic design but I am not sure I actually like it all that much; the mouse has a tilt pivoting base that makes every press of the buttons odd for me.

Battery Compartment

Trying the wide variety of mice I use for review I have found most mice are pretty comfortable but I do prefer a larger mouse compared to the notebook types. The taller mouse also works well and the Smartfish is comfortable enough but it does tilt when you push the buttons which feels weird for me.

During your normal use of the mouse you will get a slight forward tilt every time you push one of the two finger buttons that can be annoying. Using the scroll wheel is fine and I had no problems at all, I just could not get used to that forward tilt.

The mouse moves up or down about a centimeter or a quarter inch which makes for just enough to make it an odd feeling, especially when you press a button with a finger. Doing this normal movement of pressing a button will tilt the mouse a little and you can get used to it but for me it is not something I think I need.

Whirl Mini with Receiver

The mouse uses a good laser optical sensor that tracks well and makes for smooth cursor movement in games and general computer use. The mouse does have an on/off switch on the bottom to help conserve battery power when not in use and worked just fine as a notebook mouse.
The Smartfish Whirl Mini makes for a good notebook mouse if you’re experiencing problems with repetitive motion or Carpal Tunnel and just have not found a mouse to your liking. The mouse has the unique ergomotion pivoting that raises the mouse off the desk surface and may help you with wrist angles during mouse use..

I have been using the mouse for a few weeks and have not really gotten used to the movement and pivoting but if you have not found a more common mouse that feels good for you the Smartfish Whirl Mini may be worth a try. The Smartfish Whirl Mini costs about $45 from a wide variety of internet stores and local stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

If you’re looking for an ergonomic mouse the Smartfish Whirl Mini is a great notebook mouse that may help relive repetitive motion problems.

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