Razer Onza Professional Gaming Controller

The Razer Onza is a professional grade gaming controller for both the Xbox 360 and the PC with great gaming performance using the adjustable analog sticks, extra shoulder buttons and full feedback functionality.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

Razer Onza

The Razer Onza is a professional grade gaming controller for both the Xbox 360 and the PC that uses the usual controller buttons along with some special features. The Onza uses the classic controller style with its common shoulder buttons and some extra features to create a gamers controller that is much better than others.

The Onza has the four A,B,X,Y buttons, the D pad but as buttons, two adjustable analog sticks and six shoulder buttons instead of the common four. The front of the controller has the usual start and back buttons below the D pad for major functions but the two extra buttons on the shoulder can be configured for any buttons.

This extra pair of multifunction buttons above the triggers means you can assign and have an extra button for any other buttons on the controller including the press of the analog sticks. Configuring these two extra buttons is easy with the bottom remap buttons and the list of buttons in a LED list on the back.

Onza Controller

The Razer Onza is much like the classic Xbox 360 controller but with features Razer would consider more user friendly like the reconfigurable extra buttons and the adjustable analog sticks. Both analog sticks have a nut like knob on them that turns toward or away from the base of the stick to either allow or restrict the stick movement.

When you turn either knurled ring in or out to tighten or loosen the analog stick according to your preferences you allow more and less movement of each stick. While this makes for an odd adjustment when you’re not used to it this does work well for many situations.

Having the ability to limit how much each stick moves means a bit more control for things like look where onscreen the character turns too fast. The other analog stick is also adjustable so that movement would be restricted and slowed just a touch if you find it helps to keep your gaming more controllable.

Even without the adjustable analog sticks the Onza features a new style of D pad with simple oversized triangular buttons instead of the more classic rocker D pad. The D pad works just fine and with my only occasional use of the controller for some games I had no problem picking up the controller and getting used to it quickly.

Rear of Onza

I tried the Razer Onza on several games but for first person shooters I much prefer the keyboard and mouse so I used it more for action games, arcade and flying simulations. I played a couple of flight simulators and Heroes Over Europe as well as Battlestations Pacific without problems.

The Razer Onza handles gaming quite well and for my flight sim games I really enjoy the ability to grab the controller and start flying immediately. I used the Onza while teaching a class on aerodynamics so kids could fly a helicopter RC simulator without having to do any configuring of the controls.

The Onza shows up in the gaming controller section of your PC’s control panel and works easily for all the buttons and axis when you connect it to a USB connection. The controller does not require any drivers other than the ones Windows Vista or Windows 7 installs by default.

The Razer Onza makes a fantastic pick up and play controller for many types of games on the PC or the Xbox 360 and works very well for a terrific replacement for the classic box 360 controller. The Razer Onza makes a great controller especially for the PC and costs about $40 and is available at many online and local stores such as Amazon and Wal-Mart.

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