Native Union Moshi Moshi 04 Bluetooth Handset + Base

The Native Union Moshi Moshi 04 is a wireless handset and base for placing wireless calls through a smartphone or PC that is Bluetooth enabled or as a wireless speaker.

Ease of Use, Performance: 18/25
Look & Feel: 20/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 18/25

Total: 76/100

Moshi Moshi Handset + Base

Native Union is a British company that specializes in handsets for smartphones and computers using Bluetooth connectivity or the more simple wired cables. Native Union likes to highlight style and design using popular designers for their products that characterize the design in a unique way.

The Moshi Moshi 04 and 04i are both very similar in their design with a main difference being the iPhone dock on the 04i but both are made as a handset for smartphones. You can also use the Moshi Moshi for a handset with a Bluetooth enabled PC so the set can be used at your work space or on the go.

The Moshi Moshi has a built in battery that charges using the base for a simple way to easily charge the handset/speaker while not in use as a handset. The battery life will vary upon use but I found you could easily expect a couple of hours from straight music playing while I recently took a drive to Minneapolis.

Whats in the Box

The handset part of the Moshi Moshi is a curved metallic and plastic phone like shape with rubber coated speaker set that has two 2 inch drivers for music and sound that work well. The handset also includes a microphone for voice and conference calls inside the handset that works pretty well.

Buttons on the handset control not only the pairing but music while connected using Bluetooth to a music player on your PC, I could skip forward and back or replay songs with the controls on the speaker. Pairing is very simple and did not require me to do anything different from other Bluetooth devices on my PC, I simply paired the device in the Control Panel and it connected flawlessly every time.

The base of the Moshi Moshi has a charge cradle on it for connections to the handset and a rear plug-in for the power adapter and that’s about it. The base is simple in design and the front is curved to match the handset so it cradles the handset neatly on top.

The Moshi Moshi 04 that I received comes with the handset and base plus a power adapter, a 3.5mm audio cable, manual and a rubber mat for smartphone or MP3 player protection. The small rubber mat is a nice touch and shows the company cares enough about your smartphone or MP3 player to provide the protection your electronics deserve.

Rear of Moshi 04

The Moshi Moshi 04 does not have the cradle connection for an iPhone but does have a 3.5mm input on the back of the handset to connect to your MP3 player, tablet or PC to use the handset as a speaker. I tried this out with all 3 devices to check sound quality and was pretty impressed with the sound from the small drivers.

The small drivers give a bit of tinny sound to voice but for music and more direct signals like from a PC or MP3 player you have some good sound with a decent enough bass. Voice is clear enough for my Skype and recording to my PC for a good enough use of the handset but this depends a lot on the system you’re using.

I tried the speaker set with Skype and was having problems with the connection and after removing a Bluetooth keyboard and the Bluetooth dongle I fixed the connection. Using a different dongle and new drivers the connection was clear and worked well for me using both Skype and recording on my PC.

I did some test calls and talked with a few relatives using Skype and the Moshi Moshi and it worked well and was nice to use a handset instead of a headset or an open mic. The hand held device is easy to hold and comfortable without being the usual smooth handset like my telephones.

Moshi Moshi 04

The two edges are corners but fall into your fingertips and thumb for a secure place to hold the handset while using the handset just like a regular telephone. The handset while talking sounds just fine for Skype and the couple of recordings I tried and as good as my regular house phone.

Using some good software, Adobe Soundbooth, I recorded myself and could easily understand my own voice as well as some played sound from my PS3 and through my Logitech Z-5500 speakers. Voice was just fine and perfectly recognizable even for some recorded audio from an In Plain Sight episode.

The Moshi Moshi microphone does a good job of recording audio and voice is just fine for talking through my PC but I was not able to use a smartphone with the handset and speaker. My Skype trials went just fine and I have found no one that has had a problem using an iPhone or other smartphone with the device so I would assume that most smartphones would work well with it.

The Moshi Moshi 04 costs about $190 from Amazon which seems like a lot for me for a handset but the style is there, still I just am not sure about the price. The Moshi Moshi is available in a silver color or copper from the Native Union website as well as Amazon.

Much like the iPhone itself that the other model of this handset is designed for price seems to be no object when you’re talking about style and the Moshi Moshi is nice looking. Check out the Moshi Moshi from Native Union for a unique and good sounding wireless handset and Bluetooth enabled speaker system.

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