Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming & Music Speakers

The Razer Ferox Mobile Speakers make a pretty good set of self-contained speakers that are internally powered with rechargeable batteries that include some good features.

Ease of Use, Performance: 16/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 16/25

Total: 75/100

Razer Ferox Mobile Speakers

I am still looking for quality portable speakers that sound really good, not the gimmicky water proof case or the pop up power button speakers like the Ferox. The Razer Ferox speakers are a disappointment and one of those rare products that Razer can say is not as good as its usual quality products are.

The Razer Ferox speakers are a self-contained speaker that uses a unique design to set itself apart from the herd so to speak, or at least tries to. The speakers are each battery powered and use a resonant chamber to deliver sound from the internal speaker.

The Razer Ferox speakers come with the two 2.5 by 2.5 inch round speakers, a power and sound cord, a very nice carry case and instructions. The speakers work by a popup power switch inside the speaker that also has a blue led ring near the base to show the speakers are on and when charging.

The blue led light also flashes when the cable is connected to either or both speakers and to a USB connection for charging so you can charge the speakers internal batteries with USB. The cable also has the 3.5 mm connection for use with an MP3 player or other device like a tablet for listening to the stereo sound for music or watching movies.

Whats in the Box

The USB cable connection is only for charging the speakers and will not output sound through a USB connection so there is no connecting these through the USB end. The cable has the USB end, a 3.5 mm end and the speaker connections that are a mini USB connection.

I found the sound quality quite disappointing and would have expected more from Razer on this point, I was that disappointed with them. The sound lacks any bass and is very tinny from the small tower like speakers as the sound is actually coming from inside the speaker that is cone shaped.

The body of the speaker is like a hollow chamber that is supposed to resonate the sound better but it only makes it sound kind of tinny and small. I truly am disappointed with this speaker set and would not really recommend it for a purchase as I have found other speakers that worked better but not by all that much.

The Razer Ferox speakers are small and quite portable but I found that for its portable use it did not perform well in my opinion. The speakers are just underwhelming and the size probably has something to do with the bass response or lack of it.

Ferox Speakers with cable

If the speakers were a bit larger the bass would probably be more responsive but as it is even mid tones and at medium and high volumes the speakers lack punch. If you can find a set of the Razer Ferox at a local store I would suggest trying them out with some music to see for yourself.

Looking at sites like Newegg there is a mixed review rating from customers that show the speakers are less than popular as far as sound quality. The Ferox speakers are alright for the most part but a little underwhelming for me mostly in the bass but in mid tones the speakers sound pretty decent.

I did try the speakers while on a road trip and listened to my MP3 player, a Sansa View, for a couple hours while taking my son to a 4-H event. The speakers played well for the entire trip so battery power is great, over 12 hours according to the Razer website.

I listened to my usual bit of rock and pop music that gives a good mix of Queen, Pink and other popular and classic rock music but the speakers just lack the overall quality I like. If you are interested in the Ferox I would highly recommend hearing them before a purchase as they do not sound as good as Razer probably wants them to.

The Razer Ferox costs about $55 for the set which is a bit steep for the quality, check out the Razer website for more information about the Ferox portable speakers.

Razer Ferox Website