DoubleSight Smart USB Display DS-90U

The DoubleSight 9 inch USB Monitor is a perfect additional LCD screen for use with chat, movies, security and plenty of other applications including Photoshop tool bars.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 24/25

Total: 93/100

DoubleSight Smart USB Display DS-90U

I wanted a security system so I could see the deliveries and other activity in front of my home, especially when my dogs start barking. Sometimes I never know why the dogs go ape and start in on their barking so it is handy to see what is happening out the front of my home.

I do have two systems but while the Logitech system is part of my network it does not include a separate monitor like the First Alert system does. I wanted to be able to view my front yard and see the delivery trucks and whatever else is going on outside without having to take up precious desktop space on my main monitors.

Having a smaller 9 inch screen allows me to check out my camera anytime without having to close applications, there are also plenty of other programs that work extremely well with the USB monitor. The DoubleSight DS-90U is a 9 inch monitor that connects with a USB cable that also powers the screen so there are no power adapters or cables.

The DoubleSight monitor comes with the 9” screen, a protective cover, USB cable with double male USB connection ends, a suction cup stand and a desktop stand that are both adjustable. Drivers are included on a disc with a small instruction manual and an alcohol prep pad for use with the suction cup stand.

Whats in the Box

Both stands are adjustable and can be used for either landscape or portrait mode along with the DoubleSight display, you can use the Multi Monitor support of Windows to display the monitor in either orientation. The DS-90U can be used with multi monitor support that is included in most Windows 7 and other operating systems.

The monitor is easy to set up and uses a simple driver to add the USB connected monitor but you do need two USB connections for the monitor to receive enough power. I accidentally unplugged one USB connection and the monitor had a real hard time connecting but with both power connections it works flawlessly.

The image is clear and I had no problems viewing high definition video from Blu-ray movies on Cyberlink's PowerDVD or watching regular videos on Hulu, the USB connected screen acts like a regular monitor. The monitor has a sharp clear picture without any video problems and the USB connection works just fine without any additional video card requirements for the additional screen.

I have had no problems with the USB monitor and really enjoy having the additional screen to use for my security/delivery monitoring. I also tried out the 9 inch USB monitor as an additional screen to use for chat with Skype, as a toolbar and pane display, viewing movies, email, calendars and so much more.

DoubleSight as Security Monitor

Anytime you need an additional screen but not a full sized monitor the DoubleSight USB monitor will work very well for extra screen space. I had no problems using the DoubleSight monitor for the extra screen space and even viewing movies or videos like Hulu was very good.

The drivers you install for Windows uses the Multi Monitor support of Windows and just adds the USB monitor as a small screen in your Display page under the Control Panel. The page that comes up is the Windows Control Panel Display page with the addition of the 9 inch screen and its recommended 1024x600 screen resolution.

The DoubleSight display comes with a convenient protective cover that snaps on the front to provide protection for use as a portable additional screen with a notebook PC on the go. The smaller display adds a lot of convenience when on the go as an additional screen for business use.

Back of DS-90U & Stand

That extra screen space while working with a client is handy so you don’t need to close a window to work menus, toolbars or whole programs. I have been using it mostly for my security but you can also use it as an extra screen for keeping your eye on email, RSS feeds or even watch videos or movies.

I really like the small screen and at a cost of about $130 the price is appropriate for the convenience of a portable USB monitor and additional screen space. The DoubleSight DS-90U works with both Windows based systems and MAC computers so compatibility should not be a problem.

I highly recommend the DoubleSight DS-90U for an extra screen that is portable and useful for many different applications, the DS-90U is handy and portable.

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