Razer Chimera Xbox 360 Headset

The Razer Chimera Xbox 360 headset makes a great stereo headset that is comfortable and sounds great with its wireless connection that includes a boom microphone and all controls on the headset.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 89/100

Razer Chimera Xbox 360 Headset

The Razer Chimera is a wireless headset that is designed for the Xbox 360 system but works equally as well with a PlayStation 3 or PC as a nice wireless headset. The Chimera is a wireless headset that uses the common 2.4 GHz frequency to communicate both stereo audio and speech through the microphone to your console or computer.

The Chimera can do voice through the headset for the PC but the setup for using voice on the Xbox 360 has to be through the 2.5 mm connection on the controller. The Chimera does not do voice through the PS3 but the PC works extremely well as a full voice and stereo headset even for Skype.

The Razer Chimera comes with the wireless headset, a large base that holds the headset for charging, RCA to 3.5 mm audio cable, 2.5 mm microphone audio cable, power adapter, 2 AAA rechargeable batteries and a couple of guides. The Razer Chimera is pretty easy to set up and the RCA cables include pass through connections so you can connect two inputs to the base.

The base unit has a power standby button to shut down the unit when not in use and has a power on indicator along with the charging indicator on the front of the tower that the headset sits on. The base has a long piece that allows the headset to sit on with contacts on the top that connect the headset to the base while charging.

Whats in the Box

The Chimera has the volume on the side of the headset with independent volume controls for each ear piece which makes for a nice change of pace. The Chimera also has a mute and microphone mute button along with a power button and sync buttons on the sides of the headset.

The Razer Chimera can be set up and used for a dual headset for two devices and with turning on either device the sound will come out the headset but you cannot use both at the same time. Setting up the Chimera is pretty simple with audio input to the base and speech or microphone output that goes to your console or PC microphone connection.

I checked out the Chimera with a Skype test and it sounded very clear and was easy to use for a wireless headset that includes microphone without any wires. If you use the Chimera with an Xbox 360 and want the microphone ability as well you will need to connect the 2.5 mm cable to your controller from the headset.

The ability to use voice for a headset is nice but the Xbox 360 is kind of a pain without any connection other than the controller connection. The Chimera headset worked just fine for use with my Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for an overall nice wireless headset but the one drawback for speech and voice communication is not the fault of the Chimera.

Installing Batteries

Voice quality is very good while the overall sound quality is excellent, just what you would expect and get from a Razer product. I tried out the headset with my PC and PS3 for gaming and music as well as watching movies and some television series doing other reviews and had no problems with sound and listening.

Movies and music sounded great and definitely up to the quality I have come to expect from Razer products but you do miss out on surround sound when it’s the norm for your listening. The Chimera is a fantastic sounding headset but fit may be a problem depending on your head size but comfort is not due to the nicely padded top and earpieces.

I found the Razer Chimera was an odd fit and not as comfortable as I like as I do have a smaller sized head than many headset companies depend on. The Razer Chimera is a larger headset and would require a fitting to see if the headset is comfortable and the correct size.

I would recommend that you check out and try on the Chimera to see how it fits for you as the headset like so many is more of a comfort choice than many other computer products. I really like the Razer Chimera but the fit is just not right for me as I have adjusted it to the smallest size and it is still a bit loose on my head.

Chimera w/ Boom Mic

I tried out the headset for several hours of gaming and watching movies and it was just fine, quite comfortable even though it was a bit loose fitting. I really did not have any problems using the Chimera and could recommend it for a great headset except for the fit and the use with the Xbox 360 with the cable.

Other than having to connect the 2.5 mm cable for connecting to the controller you have no wires especially if you want to use the headset with the PS3 or the PC. The Chimera is only a stereo setup but Razer also has a 5.1 surround version of this headset for an extra $70 but with optical audio inputs.

The Chimera headset in stereo costs about $130 and is available from the internet that sell Razer products like Amazon.com and Newegg as well as local stores such as Best Buy. I highly recommend you checkout the Razer Chimera in either the stereo or 5.1 surround sound depending on your needs and try them for a test fit.

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