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WorkEZ Executive Stand

The WorkEZ Executive stand is an ergonomic fully adjustable stand for use with a laptop or as a reading stand, as a podium or a tray table.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 24/25

Total: 91/100

WorkEZ Executive Stand

The WorkEZ Executive made by Uncaged Ergonomics is a great stand for laptops and many other uses with its individually adjustable legs. The WorkEZ Executive is the largest stand in the three stand series with a platform that is 17.7 by 11.2 inches and 1.4 inches when fully folded.

The stand has three leg sections that are 11.75 inches long each and has a degree marked compass on each joint for ease in matching legs when adjusting. The legs fully extended straight out are 32 inches long but the stand has a maximum height of about 22 inches when set up as a simple stand.

Each leg hinge rotates 360 degrees and is lockable at every 15 degree mark so you can lock the legs in a wide variety of angles separately for each leg. This allows you to position the stand with each leg at separate angles for increased adaptability that is unique compared to other fixed leg stands.

The platform is made from aluminum with cooling holes to correspond to a wide variety of laptops and has a large rubber bumper along the hinge to protect your laptop. The stand has grooves along the top and bottom of the platform to help keep your laptop from sliding as a wide variety of laptops would have the feet right on these contours.

Whats in the Box

The platforms top curves under but if you flip the platform over by simply pressing in on the joint locks and turning both legs fully around the curved part of the top becomes an edge. This lip or edge will allow you to hold items on the stand in a different configuration with the bottom being away from the central joint instead of at the joint.

The stand can be adjusted in a large amount of configurations that make it a handy all around stand for use as both a laptop stand and for other uses around the home or office. This is the type of stand I really like as the only thing that holds it back for uses is the three leg section minimum which limits the height.

The WorkEZ Executive is the perfect stand for use in all kinds of situations from home use and simple office work to conferences and meetings wherever your work or fun takes you. The WorkEZ Executive comes in several varieties with the various colors being the more basic and the black version having the options of cooling fans and a USB hub.

The colored versions are silver, blue and pink while the purple is available in a limited quantity so there is no telling if you’re too late to buy a purple stand. The WorkEZ Executive can be purchased for $90 from a variety of sites including Uncaged Ergonomics and Amazon but the Uncaged Ergonomics has a sale as of this writing.

WorkEZ at Highest Adjustment

The WorkEZ Executive comes all folded up just for shipping size but you can get it to work in all kinds of configurations to use it for a stand or podium. The stand has a nice wide base for use on a bed and round holes in the bottom leg makes hanging the stand from my pot rack easy to turn the laptop stand upside down but still able to hold a laptop.

I tried using the WorkEZ on my countertop to hold a laptop to view recipes while cooking but the legs would still be in my way, the legs just gave me less counter space. I hung the stand from my pot rack by turning the platform upside down and the stand was now out of the way but with the laptop at the right height to read from while cooking.

The stand is not quite tall enough to use as a podium on its own but on a desk or table it creates a nice podium while you stand for a presentation or meeting at a table or desk. I have used the WorkEZ while sitting on the couch for my Chrome notebook but it is a bit low for regular use while typing while sitting on the floor.

I tried using the stand as a floor based stand to hold a laptop and work from my couch but it is just a little too low to make a convenient stand for all different kinds of uses. The stand does work well if you’re just watching videos or other uses like reading but if you need to use the keyboard of your laptop a lot the height is just not tall enough.

WorkEZ w/ Laptop

The stand can be used at a low height like from a desk or table but also for use on the floor for reading or to hold other objects like clipboards or paper pads. Kids can use the WorkEZ for an easel that is handy for their size to make an easily adjustable stand for lower heights.

The stand works well for a wide variety of situations and with each leg adjustable separately you can use it in all kinds of odd ways and make it work. As a desk side stand it works well as long as you use a separate keyboard and mouse to control your laptop and this would make a nice stand for an office or work environment.

I can easily see this as a work stand for use at the office and in all kinds of work situations like a quick to setup podium on top of a conference table to make you the center of attention. I have gone to several conventions for my volunteer work in 4-H and I can see using this as a podium to get my notes and laptop up off the table while I’m giving a presentation.

Often times the convention center does not have a podium in every room so this would ensure I have an adjustable stand I can use for a meeting or presentation. I could then use it on the bed while I lounge in the room and still be able to work on my laptop getting ready for the next session.

WorkEZ Hanging in Kitchen

The WorkEZ laptop stand has to be one of the handiest laptop and multiuse stands I have seen and I only have the one complaint, addition legs would have made a better product. If they could add two leg sections to each stand this would put it at the perfect height for a podium while setting on the floor.

Even just an additional clip on leg section that could attach to the already made hole in the last leg section would be a great extra feature that I would definitely purchase for the added convenience. I highly recommend the WorkEZ Executive for a professionally designed stand that you can use for all kinds of situations both at work and at home.

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