Razer StarCraft II Spectre, Marauder and Banshee Gaming Peripherals

The Razer StarCraft II peripherals include the Spectre mouse, Marauder keyboard and Banshee headset for gaming grade devices centered on the StarCraft II strategy game.

Ease of Use, Performance: 20/25
Look & Feel: 22/25
Features 22/25
How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 84/100

Razer Starcraft II Peripherals

Razer has teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment for these peripherals that are geared for the strategy gaming genre but some work well for others as well as general gaming. The Razer Spectre is a gaming grade mouse designed around simplicity without a lot of buttons and shaped more for looks than comfort.

The Razer Marauder keyboard is a nice membrane keyed fully functional keyboard with a design specifically for strategy gaming. The Razer Banshee is the best of the three peripherals and makes a great all around headset that just happens to be designed for the StarCraft II game.

The three peripherals work under the same configurator which is your typical Razer high quality program that allows you to assign all the keys and buttons as well as assign macros for individual buttons and short cuts. The mouse page allows configuring your Spectre for speed and polling that is the common but outstanding Razer quality.

Razer Spectre Mouse

The Banshee page configures the headset with equalizer, microphone and audio levels along with the colors which all three devices use for both under device and glow effects. The color like many current Razer devices has several different color choices using the configurator and a couple of different ways the colors can be set.

The Marauder keyboard settings use your various keys and you can assign different ones with either single keys, macros or to open or use various programs. All three devices have a great deal of configuration but with Razer peripherals this is a common and not unique feature but is also a reason for the cost.

Razer peripherals are more expensive but are definitely worth the cost for not only the firmware and software programs but for the general build quality as well. All three peripherals are built to last with braided cables and gold plated contacts, tough durable bodies and long lasting bases for the ones with rubber and Teflon coated feet.

Razer Marauder Keyboard

The keyboard is definitely a strategy gamers keyboard with media controls that are function keyed and the arrows for movement that are based on the number pad instead of separate keys. This one feature and the volumes being tied to the function keys are not a first person gamer’s idea of a keyboard.

The keys are designed for strategy gaming and being able to set up Actions Per Minute for gaming and in game feedback by the color of your peripherals. In strategy gaming actions per minute is the term of how many things like selecting units or issuing orders is happening and the more that is happening the better the gamer and the skill.

Knowing how well this is being done in game helps you pay attention to the needed areas and allows to better know what you need to do at any given time without having to look at the screen. If you are given a clue to the actions per minute without having to read a gauge or number on screen you can concentrate more on doing what needs to be done instead of what your APM is.

Razer Banshee Headset

The colors of the peripherals are set according to what you want and have the fallback default colors you can use as well so you know what your gaming speed is for strategy games. Other games work well with all the peripherals except for the keyboard which may need some setting if you occasionally use it for first person shooter games.

The problem I had was the function keys are normally used for assigning you to different positions in vehicles for first person shooters so hitting these can have adverse effects on your sound. I was losing or changing the sound when I would move seats in tanks and other vehicles so I had to assign the volume keys to something else.

If you use the keyboard for strategy and occasionally like to play a first person shooter reassigning keys is easy and will not be a problem. If you generally play strategy games this is one set that is easily a great purchase being designed just for that but can also be great for general computer use as well.

The Razer Banshee has the usual volume and mute buttons but on both earpieces so you have control on each side for ambidextrous control. The Spectre can also be used by left and right handed persons as the design is the same on both sides so the set is actually a nice ergonomic one.

The Razer Spectre, Marauder and Banshee all make great peripherals and each has its perks as well as slight drawbacks but for strategy games they work very well. The separate peripherals work well and are worth a serious look by themselves but for strategy gamers the added benefits of design far outweigh any slight problems.

The Razer Spectre, Marauder and Banshee are worthy gaming peripherals and a fantastic set for strategy gamers who occasionally like to dabble in other genres.

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