Innergie mCube Slim 65W Universal Laptop Adapter

The Innergie mCube Slim is a 65 watt laptop adapter that is small, really small, and lightweight for a great compact power source for your common laptop voltages.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 93/100

Innergie mCube Slim 65W Universal Laptop Adapter

The Innergie 65 watt mCube Slim is a great way to charge and run your laptop whether it’s a 15 or higher 21 volt device that uses a variety of interchangeable tips to connect to almost any laptop. The mCube Slim has a universal design with interchangeable tips to allow you to connect to a wide variety of laptops and uses either a 15 to 17 volt or 18 to 21 volt switch position to deliver the correct voltage.

For more common and even multimedia laptops you need a good power source and the mCube Slim can give you that power in a slim and sleek design with the size down to a pack of playing cards. The mCube Slim 65W adapter is about 10cm by 5.5cm and 2cm tall or 4 by 2.25 by 3/4 inches which makes it a great size for traveling.

Business End of Slim Adapter

The mCube Slim adapter comes with the adapter and the power cord for connecting to the wall and a common power cord for connecting to your laptop along with 10 adapter tips. The included instructions are really simple but common sense also works, you need to find out what voltage your laptop operates on and select the appropriate switch setting.

Whats in the Box

The power your laptop uses is usually noted on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop but can also be found in instructions from the laptop on the manufacturers website or that came with the laptop. The switch on the side of the adapter is a simple slide switch that can be moved with a pen tip or other semi strong pointed object and simply push the switch to the appropriate side to run your device.

Once you have the correct voltage you simply insert the appropriate tip for your laptop on the end of the cable and you’re your ready to go. I have a number of laptops available for checking out the mCube Slim adapter and all the ones I have, four HP laptops, an Acer laptop and the new Google Chrome CR-48 netbook all worked just fine.

Universal Adapter w/ Cords

The tips fit well for all my laptops and work just fine to charge as well as keep my laptops running and even come in a handy little bag with drawstrings to keep things organized. The Innergie Universal Adapter comes with a small zippered pouch along with the tips pouch using a pocket on each side and a zipper to keep the adapter and cords with tips inside and organized.

I also received the Innergie 10W Dual USB Auto Adapter which is a two slot USB charger that plugs into your vehicles 12 volt power socket. The Dual USB Auto Adapter works just fine and gives you two outlets to charge devices like cell phones and run things like GPS units or DVD players in your car.

10W USB Charger

The Innergie 10W Dual USB Auto Adapter costs $20 and is a great way to charge and run things in your vehicle, I had no problems using it with my GPS unit and to occasionally charge things. The Innergie 65W Super Compact Universal Laptop Adapter costs about $100 and is a fantastic compact, as in playing card deck sized, universal laptop adapter.

I really like the Innergie Super Compact Universal Laptop Adapter due to its very small size and highly recommend it if you need another power adapter for your laptop.

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