LTB MG51-PRO Magnum True 5.1 Surround Sound USB Headphones

The LTB Audio MG51-PRO is a true surround sound headset with USB connectivity that uses six drivers, three per ear piece with Independent Sound Chambers to give you real surround sound.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 20/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 89/100

LTB Audio MG51-Pro Real Surround Sound Headset

The LTB Audio MG51-PRO is a full surround sound headset that includes three speakers in each ear piece to give you the best of audio through a USB connection to your computer. The LTB MG51-PRO comes with the headset and a driver CD with instructions but drivers for the USB are also on their website.

The LTB Magnum Headset includes the six drivers with three in each ear piece with Independent Sound Chambers that deliver the sound from each driver to the correct position for surround sound. The chambers direct the appropriate sound for each channel to each ear so that the surround sound is not only real but directed where they sound the best.

The installation can be automatic and the drivers that Windows 7 installs work just fine with the LTB headset but the C-Media drivers and audio suite that comes with the headset also work. Installing the headset on the PC works well and does require a restart but can be done in about five minutes, the features of the drivers are simple and pretty much like the standard audio drivers of Windows.

Whats in the Box

Once you have the drivers all you need to do is ensure that you have the 5.1 speaker setup in the Configure Speakers section of the Playback Devices setup. The LTB headset does include three drivers in each earpiece, 40mm for the front and 15mm drivers for rear and side sound.

The three drivers in each headset are positioned to give sound according to the direction they are supposed to be coming from using those chambers. The surround sound on the MG51-PRO works very well and you do get real positional sound and not virtual that does make a difference in surround sound quality.

Listening to shows like Pearl Harbor and Avatar you get the feel that you are there, dodging bullets or carbon arrows and even bass does great. You do get a boom from the headset for bass but as you would expect not the foot pounding type, more the head pounding which works out well enough.

Independent Sound Chambers

The bass does not give quite the same effect but it does work very well and gives the headset enough real surround sound to make the headset a very good purchase. The LTB MG51-PRO uses the larger 40mm drivers for both the main front audio and the bass using the patended Sound Pressure Levels SafeBass technology.

This technology that LTB along with the uniquely positioned speakers deliver the sound you desire safely to your ears no matter the volume levels. The drivers have the unique position and configuration to deliver the maximum quality surround sound to your ears for a great entertainment experience.

The Magnum headset has a comfortable head band and ear pads made from a soft material but I am not sure if it is leather or a man made imitation leather, probably a man made one. The pads and top headband fit me very well and with enough adjustment that I can have the band rest comfortably on the top of my head just as I like.


The microphone is a non obtrusive hole in a rubber ring on the left side ear piece that picks up sound well and sounds just fine over Skype and gaming voice. I had no problems with voice and liked the use of the microphone as an inline type inside the ear piece instead of a boom that sticks in your face.

The USB cord connects to the left side ear piece and has a volume control on the side and a mute button for headset control of sound. The ear pieces have a swivel so that each ear piece can move independently of the head band for both comfort and maximum sound conduction to your ears.

The USB cord is only five feet long, I would have liked at least a 9 foot cord but you can always use a USB extension cord and this is about the only thing I could find fault with the headset. The Magnum 5.1 USB headset is comfortable, easy to install and use as well as has the unobtrusive microphone that works well.

I highly recommend the LTB Audio Magnum 5.1 USB Headphone Set MG51-PRO for a fantastic surround sound experience that costs about $60.

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