Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Adapter Set

The Wireless USB Kit with Transmitter and Receiver with Base Part # USB-WR2000 is the newest release from Cables Unlimited for connecting USB devices to your computer without wires.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 24/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 97/100

Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Adapter Set

The Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Kit is a simple wireless USB set that allows you to connect USB devices to your computer using the two adapters and simple utility. The kit comes with an adapter for transmitting and a receiving adapter with a base and a power adapter for wireless USB connectivity.

The kit has a simple instruction manual and a CD that contain the drivers and the utility that installs to connect the adapters. Installation consists of simply installing the drivers and then the utility and connecting the PC adapter to your computer and then wirelessly connecting to the receiver.

The base on the receiver adapter is a female USB connection that has the power adapter plug in and the male connection that connects whatever USB device you want to connect to your computer wirelessly. I have used the setup with a webcam, disk drives, printer, DSLR camera, point and shoot digital camera, mice and keyboards without problems.

Whats in the Box

Just to try things out and the main reason I wanted a wireless USB connection to my computer was to connect a webcam for a cheap solution to my package delivery problem. Before I received the Cables Unlimited kit and some other home security devices I had a problem with deliveries to my front door and my dogs.

My dogs bark when they hear someone outside even if it is not someone delivering something to me, a neighbor walking down the sidewalk is enough to cause a ruckus from my pets. I wanted to know when I was getting a delivery or when it was just a passerby so a simple webcam looking outside would help.

Cables Unlimited was in the midst of releasing their new version of Wireless USB so it took a little time for me to receive the new version, I received two security systems with cameras since then. So with the need for my viewing out the front door taken care of with another device I found an even better full time use for the Cables Unlimited Wireless Set, DSLR Remote Connection.

Wireless Connection Utility

I actually saw this Wireless USB Kit on a website blog doing the exact thing I wanted to do as well which is connect my DSLR camera to my computer wirelessly. On Pete’s Tech Ramblings it is shown how to connect your DSLR camera to your computer without the power adapter using an Energizer battery device as the power source.

With a little help from that site, a few wiring diagrams for USB cables and some knowledge of electricity and electronics I had a working setup to connect my Canon DSLR camera to my computer. I have no wires between the camera setup and my computer leaving my room free of potential problems like knocking over my tripod from snagging the USB cable.

The Cables Unlimited adapters are oddly named as both adapters send and receive information but they needed to name each one something and this made sense. Usually in transmitter devices the transmitter is the main device and the receiver is the remote device.

DSLR Wireless System

DIY Wireless Tethering for Camera

The base unit is a simple way to get power to the receiver adapter but you can make your own with a couple of USB cables and a battery device that uses a USB connection. I will have a separate article on this right after this article and describe with a wiring diagram how to do this but for most readers this review will be enough.

The Cables Unlimited set does a fantastic job of a simple wireless connection to your computer and does not add anything you don’t need. The utility to connect the adapters is simple and has a couple of pages with some settings like being able to use different channels and a diagnostics test.

I have not had to use the diagnostics as every time I use the device I have no problems, simply connect power to the base and adapter and connect it to my USB device and my computer connects to it. I have had no problems with the Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Adapter Set and can highly recommend it for any USB connection that you want to have without a USB cable running all the way to your computer.

DSLR Wireless Setup

The Cables Unlimited Wireless Set will work from a distance but it will vary depending on your situation and especially with walls and other obstacles. I have had no problems getting a signal from my garage to my house, about twenty five feet, but not through more than a couple of plaster and lathe walls.

If you need a wireless USB connection that is fully supported by Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP and works very well without any problems the Cables Unlimited Wireless USB Adapter Set is a fantastic choice.

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