MYOPENPC Bench Master Acrylic Test Workstation

The Bench Master from MYOPENPC is a clear acrylic workstation for building a computer system that uses a simple two level design for holding all your computer components for working on your system but also makes a unique case for showing off your computer.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 24/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 24/25

Total: 95/100

MYOPENPC Benchmaster

MYOPENPC makes several unique computer cases and workstations to hold computers for both ease of repair and maintenance as well as a totally different computer case. The Bench Master is one of their clear acrylic workstation cases that holds a full computer system on a two level design for ease of access to the motherboard.

The Bench Master comes as a kit and is available from Amazon for $80 which is a pretty good price for this unique looking case, but it is not just for use as a workbench. I like the unusual and a computer case that shows off the insides as well as cools and keeps dust out of the components is useful.

As to how it could possibly keep things cooler or dust free I have been using two cases just like this for a month and for the record dust is not as much of a problem with them. In my previous cases one problem I have had is dust and the accumulation of it inside those closed cases can be a bit much.

In order to cool a computer inside a case fans blow air in and out so even with filters made from material to keep dust out the stuff builds up in my cases. I cleaned out one of the numerous computers in my house the other day and dust was thick inside, thick enough to write my name on the video card.

Whats in the Box

With an open case design the dust has no place to hide, or actually no place to stick because air does flow much better through the open case. Cooling is also not nearly as much of a problem as the components can freely give up their heat to waft toward the ceiling in the room instead of to the top of the case.

The Bench Master comes as a kit with a flat base, posts on each corner and an upper flat piece where your motherboard is attached. The two upper back posts are used to hold the motherboard cards along the top so they do not wobble around and the case is made from acrylic and metal for the most part.

To assemble the case you first need to peel the protective covering off the acrylic which is a bit tough but once you have all of it off assembly is pretty quick. Working on the computer is also easy and the open design adds to the ease so you can quickly work on things without having to open up a case.

There are a couple of sets of side panels for holding hard drives and optical drives as well as brackets for them that attach using the included screws. The kit comes complete with all the hardware for attaching your motherboard, hard drives and optical drives, and a power supply.

Controls Indicators

The motherboard or mainboard plate as the instructions call it has slots for the cables to feed through along with the holes for the motherboard posts and a USB/front panel audio card. You can affix a small front panel audio and USB card, not included, to the front of the mainboard panel and the panel has holes for the front panel switches and indicators.

Computer cases have front panel buttons and indicators so the Bench Master also has these conveniently located near the front with wires and connectors that are common to all motherboards. Power and hard drive lights are pushed through the holes while a power and reset switch also have holes for them but they don’t hold into the holes all that well by themselves.

Building my system with the Bench Master was much easier and faster than using a case where you need to feed wires in and around parts of the case and components. Once the motherboard was attached installing the power supply was easy and feeding wires to the motherboard was simple.

Adding the video card and later a sound card was simple and getting everything connected only takes a few minutes but the open design of the workstation makes things much easier than normal enclosed cases. I recently had another motherboard die on me and rebuilding my computer with a new one was very simple, I could add the sound card without having to spend ten minutes just getting the case open.

Becnhmaster as HTPC

Building with an open case means no fussing with getting things all tucked inside, it is much easier to work with, and looks cool from a techie, geeky stand point. I have the case with the computer on the corner entertainment center in my living room where it will stay until I get an HTPC case, if I ever do.

If I do not get a new case for the computer I am fine with leaving things as they are because I think it looks cool, that sort of naked look at electronics. The case does not come with rubber feet which would have been nice as the bottom screw heads can scratch a surface like a desk or entertainment center.

I was also concerned about grounding so I connected a couple of wires with eyelet terminals on each end to ground the motherboard directly to the power supply. Using the metal posts that mount the motherboard I connected one end of an eyelet connected wire to the post which contacts the motherboard grounds and the other end holds the power supply in place completing the grounding.

Another feature I was concerned with is the open top, of course it’s designed that way but a piece of clear acrylic on the top would be handy for at least a little dust protection. I have been using the case for a month now in my living room with the two different computers and it has worked out very well as a computer case.

Benchmaster w/ My Work System

I had no problem connecting the switches and indicator lights but the holes they push into do not hold them all that tightly so a little hot glue from a craft glue gun holds them well. With just a little ingenuity and a couple of common things I completed my case and made it into my full time Home Theatre PC.

It lends my tech nature of reviewing computer products a boost to have one of my systems sitting out in the open so everyone can see the real heart of a computer. The Bench Master makes a great workstation for use as a test bed for working on a computer but also makes a unique and different computer case full time.

Check out the Bench Master at Amazon or the other open and unique acrylic cases available from MYOPEN PC at for a unique computer case.


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