Logitech Alert 750i Master Security System

The Logitech Alert 750i is a full security system in a box that allows you to record, watch and alert you to movement both from the location and over the internet for full security at home and away.

Ease of Use, Performance: 20/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 21/25
How much I enjoy 21/25

Total: 85/100

Logitech Alert 750i Security System

The Logitech Master Systems for security include an indoor and outdoor type with add on cameras and other accessories available for easy setup of a full security system. The Alert 750i includes an Alert indoor camera with wall mount hardware, two network over powerline adapters, two flat Ethernet cables, a 2 GB microSD card, a software CD and user documentation.

The Alert system uses network over power adapters that send the network signals over your homes power wires safely and without interference. The camera is a high definition 15 frame per second camera capable of 960x720 capture with a wide angle view to get the whole shot you need for better security.

The part of the system on your computer is the software called Alert Commander with a full security system that includes a motion detection recording and email notification system. You can set up the Alert Commander with live view, storage for playback triggered by motion detection, multiple camera views, email alerts and more.

Setting up the system will take some thought and your particular setup will have to be planned at least some, but with the internet over powerline setup it is easier. Location of cameras depends some on power outlet location but with the camera running and connecting with the single Ethernet connection a longer distance can be achieved.

Whats in the Box

The camera can be run from a long Ethernet cable such as 25 feet which can be purchased separately if you need it so positioning a camera close to an outlet is not much of a factor. You can have the camera several feet away from an outlet such as an outdoor one and use the Ethernet cable to run the camera.

The powerline adapter has to be plugged in directly or with an extension cord so the larger size of the power adapter can be fitted into an enclosure. If I was plugging the camera in an outdoor location I would either affix a larger outdoor enclosure around an outlet that would fit the adapter or fit a large enclosure to a convenient location and run a power cord to that.

The camera has an Ethernet connection on the back and the adapter plugs into an outlet so all you need to do is plug the camera into the adapter and the adapter into an outlet for the indoor camera. On the computer side you plug the other adapter into an outlet near your router and plug the adapter into the routers Ethernet connection which completes the circuit.

If you need to plug an extension cord or longer power cord to the powerline adapters I found common six foot extension cords worked just fine. I checked out those short 4 inch cables you can buy at Walmart for extending the adapter out from the power strip which also worked but the adapters should not be plugged into a power strip.

Alert Camera Connection

You need to plug the powerline directly into an outlet or use an extension cord but a power strip could add some interference, other electronics that plug close to an outlet like water sprinkler timers. I had no problem with interference over my old home wiring and with the cameras on different wiring circuits through two circuit breakers.

Once you have your camera and adapters connected you can get the camera view using the Alert Commander program from any networked computer you install Commander on. All you need is your network on and running but for normal operation your network will always be on so the system will work whether you have a computer on or not.

The Commander software allows you to not only live view up to six cameras using the software and your network as well as playback motion detected views that are stored on your computer or the SD cards. Each camera has a microSD card slot on it and you can use up to the maximum 32GB cards or you can store it to a PC that is running the Commander software.

You can set up the storage to run from the motion detection that you set up either as the whole image or sections you draw using the Commander which also includes sensitivity settings. The Alert system can be set up to send email alerts along with the usual storage of images and movie clips and you adjust camera sensitivity for brightness and contrast.

Logitech Alert Camera

Once motion is detected you can playback the clip for later use in apprehending criminals or identifying them but the motion detection of this system is a bit problematic. I have had a few problems getting it to work well and Logitech is aware of the problem and working on updating the cameras.

I had a software manager from Logitech call me about the issues and was assured that Logitech is listening to customer problems and working toward a solution. The manager said Logitech is inviting every forum user with issues to work with them in trying to resolve every issue users are having.

He did talk with me about the motion detection and problems people are having and even without his explaining I can understand how detection can be problematic. With the wide array of possible locations for cameras and weather as well as lighting the system has a lot of variables.

Motion is detected on board the camera even without a computer connected using a vector detection system that watches individual areas of the screen and sees movement. Actually the camera has a computer inside it for motion detection, image and video clip upload to computers or the onboard microSD card.

Still Image of Camera View

The camera detects motion and is supposed to continue to record as long as the motion is continuing and will then upload that image to the onboard SD card. If the Commander program is running and settings are supposed to send images or video to a computer or Alerts are on it will send the required media to the computer or email system.

This is a lot of processing for the camera alone and that is the main reason the cameras cost as much as they do but even then the system does cost a lot less than other full security systems. The Alert 750i and outdoor 750e outdoor systems are not only the camera that does a lot of the work but the powerline adapters to connect the system and the Commander software.

Using the Commander software you can zoom in on individual sections of the view for a pan and zoom feature that uses the zoom of the lens to move the camera view around some. Using this and sections you can select for detection you get a good selectable view for both detecting movement and viewing different areas up close.

In the Commander software and when you open the program you have two views, one is the live view and the other smaller one is your control with a few buttons for various settings. With the smaller viewing window you pan and zoom the view for a better look at what you want in the live view to give you a better image of your security view.

The program can back up the views created by the motion detection to a computer that is running while the Commander program is also on. The motion detection is run in the camera so even if no computer is running the Commander program the camera can still send emails with the Alert system.

The system will also save clips of video and images to the microSD card that installs on the cameras bottom under the small door where the Ethernet cable connects. There is also a light on the bottom of the camera to tell you the camera is functioning and a red dot on the front but these can be shut off from the Commander program.

The camera also has sound that can be recorded along with the video and images but video and audio is varying in length according to movement. When Commander starts recording from motion detection it continues until motion is no longer detected so you get all the action and none of the scenery.

I did have a few instances where blowing snow or tree movement caused the motion detection to start but the most action I see on the clips and images are cars zipping by my house and of course people walking up to my front door. I tried messing with settings and get things working correctly but a few times I have had instances of motion not being detected when it was important.

I set the camera to detect motion on my porch door but a few times while testing the camera did not detect motion but like I said Logitech is working on things. The Logitech forum under security has a few others who are also having these problems and Logitech is working with them to try and fix things.

They are inviting users with problems to run Beta or test software and offering to tweak their systems with settings and help from the Logitech software programmers. Logitech is working directly with users to continue to get the system working for each individual user as well as fix problems they are having.

The Logitech Alert System 750i, the indoor one, costs about $300 and works pretty well for the cost so this is actually a very good security purchase. Even with a few problems the system does work well, perfect for a simple security and while motion detection may not work perfectly Logitech is working on it.

As long as you don’t need a foolproof motion detection system the Logitech Alert 750i does allow you to view the cameras from your home or away over the internet and through a Smartphone. You can log onto the Logitech website and view your home cameras for free but this does not include being able to use the settings, just viewing the cameras as they were last set up.

The additional Mobile Commander services for $80 gives you full control of your system from a Smartphone or internet connection when you’re not at home. This gives you full control when you’re on vacation or from the office for a better way to control your security but for the general view you can always go the free route with the basic view from the Logitech website.

For the cost the Logitech Alert system is well worth a look and with ease of setup with simple software you could not get this much security at this price. I highly recommend the Logitech Alert 750i for a simple and great security system for the price, if you need a more foolproof system you will have to go higher in price.

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