Razer Lachesis Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

The Razer Lachesis takes the gaming precision of Razer mice to an ambidextrous design for quality and gaming precision using a 3.5G laser sensor and nine customizable buttons.

Ease of Use, Performance: 23/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 93/100

Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse

Razer has been my personal choice for gaming mice and all around general computer mouse use since I first started reviewing products and received my first peripheral for computers. Razer has continued to supply me with their peripherals and I have to say I have not come across a more consistent line of exceptional peripherals in all my reviews.

The Razer Lachesis is an ambidextrous gaming mouse that uses the precision 3.5G sensor for accurate and precise movement detection and smooth response. The sensor makes the Razer Lachesis a current high end mouse but so does the rest of the features including the classic design.

The newer Razer Lachesis has a higher DPI or dots per inch using the newer sensor, the dots per inch is a measurement regarding screen movement and movement of the mouse itself. The Lachesis 5600 dots per inch means you can move the mouse one inch and onscreen it moves 5600 pixels, if you set it up that high.

Whats in the Box

A good mouse movement that takes the cursor from one side of my 1920 x 1080 screen is around 2000DPI which takes about an inch of mouse movement. You can also change the polling or the rate which the mouse sends its information to the computer, higher rates like 500Hz or even 1000Hz means a faster response between mouse and computer.

The Lachesis has nine mouse buttons with two the usual finger buttons, four side buttons with two on each side, two top buttons behind the scroll wheel and the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is a nice silicone covered wheel that has the two sides with a white see through plastic that glows from internal LED’s.

The logo on the body of the mouse as well as the scroll wheel glows or can be shut off as well as change color to your liking, you can change the color of either independently using the software available for download at the Razer website. The software also controls your adjustments for polling rate, DPI and on the fly sensitivity as well as managing profiles for button configurations.

Bottom of Lachesis

You can set up button assignments, and other adjustments on profiles that you can change quickly using either the bottom button of the mouse or automatically. You can program the various performance adjustments of the mouse and buttons for specific programs or game so when they are started the mouse will automatically switch to that profile.

This automatic switching is great for gaming and programs like Photoshop where you have specific functions you want assigned to buttons and others in different programs. You can easily and quickly switch these profiles yourself using the bottom button on the mouse as well as the automatic switching.

You can save and store up to five profiles on the Razer Lachesis software that you can download from the Razer website to run your Lachesis. The Razer mouse itself is an exceptional mouse and for those who want a larger gaming grade mouse the Lachesis is fantastic.

Lachesis Software

The mouse has a smooth feel across a variety of surfaces and responds very smoothly on cloth, rubber and hard metal mouse pads. I have tried the mouse for several weeks and really like the smooth performance especially in games like my current favorites Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

I really enjoy the ability to have an extra set of buttons like the top two for common tasks that I have set to delete and the bottom to the On-The-Fly Sensitivity Adjustment. The game profiles means I can have buttons assigned like weapons change to the top buttons during gaming and delete during normal computer use and browsing.

Profiles allow you to set your mouse up and automatically switch between them or use the bottom button to switch them easily and quickly, a great feature that is fantastic for any computer user. The Lachesis mouse does have a lot of features and handles extremely well, the same quality Razer is known for with all their mice is here as well.

The Lachesis handles smoothly, is a great gaming mouse as well as a general mouse for browsing and programs like photo editing and website design. I highly recommend the Razer Lachesis for a gaming mouse or just regular computer use for that better feature set you deserve for your computer use.

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