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Think Tank Photo Speed Racer V2.0 Camera Bag

The Think Tank Photo Speed Racer V2.0 is a convenient belt or shoulder strap camera bag that includes an integrated waist belt, configurable dividers and a handy rain cover.

Ease of Use, Performance: 24/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 21/25
How much I enjoy 23/25

Total: 91/100

Think Tank Photo Speed Racer V2.0 Camera Bag

Think Tank Photo designs and manufactures camera bags for professional photographers who demand the best and most convenient camera accessories. The company includes both professional photographers who have worked in the field as well as designers who know how to create the best and most durable camera bags.

The Speed Racer V2.0 is an updated version of their popular quick access camera bag that can be carried either by the shoulder strap or a waist strap. The waist strap can be tucked into two side pockets and zippered closed to keep the waist strap stored when not in use but always ready.

The shoulder strap of the Speed Racer V2.0 is a nicely padded strap that attaches to the sides with large snaps onto a loop that is sewn into the sides of the case. The shoulder strap is adjustable and includes four non-slip coating lines glued to the strap to prevent the strap from slipping off your shoulder.

The Racer V2.0 is large enough to carry a full sized DSLR with a long telephoto lens or a good assortment of other cameras and accessories. I could fit two DSLR cameras, a Canon Eos Rebel XSi and a Canon EOS Rebel XS, but the bottom camera was not as readily accessible.

Whats in the Box

The padded dividers that come with the bag can be used to customize the interior to your specific needs and includes two dividers with fold over tops to rest your camera on. The dividers can be stuck to the sides of the interior using the Velcro on each divider and the interior that is made out of the loop part of the Velcro.

The large interior compartment is 11.8 by 10 by 7 inches while the other Racer models of this camera bag are all smaller sizes so you can purchase the bag you think would fit your needs. This bag is convenient for full sized telephoto lenses and can even hold a tall 1 liter bottle of soda or a water bottle inside.

The interior has the flat pocket on the front side for carrying manuals or other papers while the top lid has a clear pocket with zippers on the inside and outside. This allows convenient access to important SD cards or batteries from the interior or outside without having to open the lid.

Wasit & Shoulder Strap

The lid is closed with two zippers and opens away from you while carrying for convenient access but also has a carry handle on the part of the top where the lid is attached. The waist band is attached to the body with a widening flap that includes breathable mesh on the part that goes against your body.

The back of the bag also has this breathable mesh and the waist band is adjustable for comfort with loops and buckles that hold excess strapping. The two side pockets the waist strap stores in is convenient and holds the strap flat so it does not bulge when carry the bag.

The front of the bag has two pockets with a larger organizer pocket that can be used for storing accessories and parts of your camera as well as a smaller single pocket. The compartment has pockets against the outer side for writing utensils, SD cards and more for your smaller items as well as a strap with clip for securing your keys.

Top & Front Pocket

The outer material of the Speed Racer V2.0 is waterproof but the rain cover adds extra protection for the zippers and other spots that rain could seep in. The rain cover is attached to the bag with a short strap so you don’t drop the rain cover and it is easily accessible for quick use.

The two sides of the bag on the exterior have stretchable pockets for additional carry space for things like gloves or a cell phone that includes a stretch string with a cinch clip. The two side pockets round out a fantastic camera bag that is well designed and perfect for trips out where you want to carry your camera and additional gear.

I have used the Speed Racer V2.0 on several outings including an event where I was the photographer for our group as well as a volunteer couch. The event was a First Lego League competition where youth build a robot to perform certain tasks as well as give a presentation.

My Setup for the Speed Racer

The youth have been working on their robot design and presentation for over four months and getting the event on camera was an important part of being the couch. Having access to the bag, comfortable carrying and the additional space for things like my cell phone was handy when we needed to call each other to keep in touch during down times.

The event was a rousing success as well as fun and the camera bag made things very convenient for me both for carrying everything I needed as well as keeping things handy. The Speed Racer V2.0 camera bag is a great bag and has all the features you could want in a quick access camera bag that is fully featured.

I highly recommend the Think Tank Speed Racer V2.0 for a fantastic full sized quick access camera bag with plenty of great features.  

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