Uncle Ray's Fillet Buddy

Uncle Ray’s Fillet Buddy is a fantastic tool that makes not only filleting and cleaning fish an easier and more enjoyable task but helps out in the kitchen with other meats and vegetables.

Ease of Use/Performance: 24/25
Convenience/Storage 25/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 98/100

Uncle Ray's Fillet Buddy

Rarely does a new product or invention come along these days that is not only simple but actually more useful than other similar products. Uncle Ray’s Fillet Buddy is one such simple but ingenious invention that deserves to be brought out into the light of day for not only fishermen but any cook.

Uncle Ray’s Fillet Buddy is simple in design, a curved but heavy duty forked end sticks out of a solid large green ABS plastic handle with a finger guard rest that extends out the bottom. The top near the 14 gauge stainless steel forked end has an indent for a better grip for your thumb while the handle has writing on it that actually helps your grip.

The curved metal fork is about two and a half inches long with the handle at four and a half inches and about an inch diameter round handle. The ABS plastic is tough and the combined finger guard and rest is a curved piece that juts down from the handle between your pointer and middle fingers.

The fork is 14 gauge stainless steel which is thicker than a common fork but it is definitely harder so this is not simply a common fork stuck into a handle. The handle is designed to ensure a firm grip while you’re cutting your food and manipulating it with the five tined fork.

Fillet Buddy

The Fillet Buddy allows you a sure hard grip on a fish like the head or tail while you’re cutting off the fillet or skinning it. This one feature and use makes this a fantastic tool but I have been using it around the kitchen since receiving it and it is great for a lot of other foods.

The Fillet Buddy gives you a sure fast grip on the fish when working with it so you don’t have to try and hold it using your hands.

I have used those cutting boards with clamps on them which is usually a clip board type clamp but it does not have the variable pressure to ensure a firm grip without pushing the tines through the fish. I have used several different types of cutting boards including those boards with clamps and even a pair of pliers bolted to a board and none of them worked as well as the Fillet Buddy.

The Fillet Buddy not only allows you to secure the fish down to your cutting board or table but also allows you to quickly and easily maneuver the fish. You can move the fish around and flip it over easily without having to remove the fish from some clamp device.

You can also easily go form one fish to the next for those large catches without having to deal with those clamps or pliers that most often clamp either too hard or not enough to hold the fish securely. The fillet buddy is a nice size to keep your grip when your hand gets fish slime on it, you cannot clean a fish without getting at least some slime on you.

Skinning with the Fillet Buddy

Chefs commonly use a fork to hold roasts and other cuts of meat while carving and the Fillet Buddy is the same but design to better hold cuts of meat and items down on your cutting surface. You can also use the Fillet Buddy on other foods when you’re not lucky enough with that catch of the day like onions, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, roasts, pork loins, and more.

I was sent two of these ingenious devices and will keep one for fish in my tackle box for onsite use and the other is sitting right in my kitchen drawer below my work area for cooking. I have used the Fillet Buddy on onions, zucchini, leeks, squash and several kinds of meats and am impressed very much with its hold.

Some foods are slippery, leeks and onions especially and the forked end of the Fillet Buddy does a great job of holding the food while you cut it. The Fillet Buddy does a great job just like on fish to hold the ends of food like squash while you cut it so that the food and rind stays in place, especially with hot food right out of the oven.

The Fillet Buddy is more than just a fork to hold food as many of the meat forks I have used do not have the handle finger guard that aids in grip. The curved fork allows you to steady the fork on the cutting board while you hold the food down in place.

Check out the Fillet Buddy at Uncle Ray’s Fillet Buddy website, the Fillet Buddy is available from several tackle and bait shops in North Dakota and Minnesota as well as directly from their website. The Fillet Buddy does cost a bit, $19.95 with a $5.50 shipping and handling fee but is well worth the price to allow you to easily clean fish and handle other foods either raw of while hot.

I highly recommend the Uncle Ray’s Fillet Buddy for any fisherman who cleans his own fish as well as a handy kitchen tool that is extremely well designed.

Uncle Ray's Fillet Buddy Website

To really see how easy and useful the Fillet Buddy is check out these videos:

Fillet Buddy in Action

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