Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy Cold Brew makes your favorite coffee and tea using a cold brew process that allows a smooth bitter free brewing process for a great tasting and lower acid hot or cold coffee and tea.

Ease of Use/Performance: 20/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 90/100

Toddy Cold Brew System

The Toddy Cold Brew System is a simple and convenient way to make a coffee or tea concentrate using only cold water and your favorite coffee or tea. The coffee or tea concentrate from a cold brew process means less acid for a less bitter brew of your favorite beverage.

The cold brew process is a simple way to brew coffee or tea, you simply soak ground coffee or tea leaves in room temperature water for about 12 hours to brew. The brewing takes place using the simple process of the ground coffee or tea leaves sitting in the water over night.

While this may sound counter to what we think of when brewing coffee or tea it is a simple concept of a slow brewing process instead of the fast brewing of using hot water. When we brew coffee or tea we use hot water to force the flavors out of the beans or tea leaves, we can use a slower process with just room temperature water.

When we use hot water we also get some negative aspects out of the beans and tea, acid mainly but you can also have a bitter taste if your water is too hot. The bitter taste can be due to water temperature or too much acid in the coffee brew because of the process used.

Whats in the Box

A cold brew process does not allow acid to be released because the colder or room temperature water does not force it out of the beans. I do not believe this is as true of tea leaves as the teas I have tried were not as acid free as the coffee brews I made.

The Toddy Cold Brew System consists of a container with filter and rubber plug to brew the coffee or tea concentrate and a glass carafe with lid to hold your concentrate after the brewing. The brewing container has an inside filter indent area that snuggly holds the filter which is a half inch thick pad that does a fantastic job of filtering the concentrate from the grounds.

There is a rubber plug to stop the concentrate from coming out of the brewing container and three legs that are around this area to prop up the container during the brewing. To brew coffee or tea you add a pound or so of ground coffee or tea leaves into the container after placing the filter and plug in place.

The process described by the instructions is simply a way to mix the grounds with the water, you’re supposed to add some water after wetting the filter and then pour water in circular motions with grounds. Adding the grounds alternatively with the water will get it to mix some but I found it just as easy to mix water and grounds in halves using a long spoon.

Filter Detail

After brewing in the Toddy a few times I now just add half of the seven cups of water then the pound of ground coffee then mix and add the rest of the water with a final mix. After mixing the grounds in the water I close the container using one of those elastic plastic container covers for food storage and set the brew container in a dishpan on the counter.

Letting the brew sit for about twelve hours, overnight usually, I then pull the plug and let the concentrate drain out into the glass carafe. Making hot coffee is as simple as pouring a half glass or so of coffee concentrate, more or less depending on taste, adding water and microwaving.

An iced coffee is just as easy to make by adding some coffee, ice, milk and any other ingredients like caramel syrup and whipped topping for a nice treat. The coffee concentrate is much stronger than your usual brewed coffee and is about double or more strength depending on how strong you like your coffee.

Tea is made the same way but you may want to use less tea as tea tends to use less tea leaves to make the same amount of concentrate. I have used about two cups of tea leaves to the seven cups of water to make some strong tea concentrate that is pretty good for iced tea but not so great for hot tea.

Brewing Coffee

I am not sure why but the tea does not brew as well as coffee does for my taste and when I want a hot tea I will just go with the usual single brewing method. For iced tea or sweet tea I have used the Toddy system and it does make some pretty good tea but you have to be careful with how much you use.

Too much tea in leaves or a tea blend like bulk teas can have an odd flavor or can be too hard to get the right proportions of tea and water for a good tasting brew. I think this has more to do with the odder nature of some of the teas I am using and the mix of tea leaves and other tea materials.

I prefer the coffee myself over tea for both cold and hot coffee but I will probably not be using the cold brew coffee concentrate for my daily hot cup of coffee. I like the variety and spice that the current coffee maker I am reviewing gives me and from time to time I change around my brewing methods so I really do not have a usual coffee brewing method.

I have also tried a variety of coffee from both whole bean I grind myself, course to medium grind, and the most inexpensive store brand I could find and could not really tell much of a difference. I like the cold brew process much more for iced coffee drinks but the hot coffee is pretty good.

Draining Coffee Into Carafe

The Toddy will be my choice for cold coffee concentrate all summer long for those nice refreshing iced coffee drinks I enjoy during the summer. I still think brewing coffee one cup at a time from my variety of machines for a good variety cup by cup using different coffees or a good espresso made into a cappuccino or latte beats the Toddy.

I do like being able to brew up a batch of concentrate for those special iced coffees and other drinks but think this may be more for that type of brewing. The Toddy Cold Brew System only costs about $35 and for that price even just a specialized container system for brewing coffee concentrate for iced beverages is well worth the cost.

Check out the Toddy Cold Brew System, available both online and at select kitchen and specialty stores, and give it a try to make up your mind, at $35 the specialty brewing system is a simple and easy way to brew up a simple batch of coffee concentrate that makes great iced beverages at the very least.

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