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Book Review: Lego Heavy Weapons

Lego Heavy Weapons guides a Lego warrior to building four working replicas of popular guns including three that shoots bricks but all four are definitely adult toys or at least for mature youngsters.

Contents 3/5
Ease of Understanding/Practicality 2.5/5
Pictures/Illustrations 2.5/5
Additional Features 2.5/5
Total 3/5

Lego Heavy Weapons

Falling into the adult or at least mature category of books that are also instruction manuals the Lego Heavy Weapons book from Jack Streat gives you four models of real weapons to create. Lego Heavy Weapons is a Lego instruction manual just like those pictorial diagrams that come with Lego kits but with one major difference of the items created.

You can build a Desert Eagle handgun, a SPAS 12 shotgun, a Lee Enfield rifle and an AKS-74U assault rifle that all have working actions and removable magazines. Of course the SPAS 12 shotgun does not have a magazine but you can use bricks to load into the working pump action of the weapon.

I did not build all four models, lack of bricks, but I did build the smallest weapon in the Deseret Eagle handgun and was pretty impressed that the weapon does work. The problem was that the bricks do not hold together well enough to make the weapon work well or for any duration.

The Desert Eagle took me several hours to build and you will need to modify a couple of Lego pieces by cutting them with a razor knife but you can build the weapon with a lot of regular and several special Lego bricks. The exact number of bricks and types can be found as part of the books sections as the bill of materials but you will also need some rubber bands that are not Lego specific.

I found the rubber bands I needed of the correct size in a bag of rubber bands I bought from an office supply store as a variety bag with various sizes of bands that worked well. The Desert Eagle was pretty hard to build mainly because the instructions are sometimes not clear enough to make out bricks and sizes of bricks due to the black and white pictures.

The book has been rendered into a black and white pictorial manual instead of the clearer and easier to follow fully colored Lego instructions you may be used to. I found some of the pictures difficult to follow but after a few steps and looking further along in the design I did figure things out and get the weapon fully assembled.

The Desert Eagle has a removable magazine and working trigger that pulls the action back when it is squeezed much like the weapon resets the action from the cartridges gases during firing. The locking mechanism also works to both safety the weapon and to lock the action in the open position if you want so the gun is a working replica.

The magazine does come out and you have a realistic bullet in the top position but the rest of the magazine is Lego bricks pieced together without having more than the single bullet. The weapon looks and acts very good but after only a few uses some of the Lego pieces will start to separate depending on how rough you are with the gun.

This is a replica made out of Lego’s so it stands to reason that it is not made to last but if you wanted to have a longer lasting weapon that is sturdy you could glue the bricks together. The Desert Eagle takes about 380 bricks and a couple of rubber bands with most parts being specific Lego bricks but you can substitute some that are close in size and shape.

I found I could replace some parts with other Lego pieces when I did not have the exact piece but for most of the Lego bricks you do need the exact ones specified in the instructions. The Desert Eagle handgun uses the least amount of Lego bricks and is the smallest so the other three weapons in this book will require more bricks.

Lego Heavy Weapons does a good job of guiding you through the build of four real weapons but with alterations to make them fire or work as a replica of the real ones. The book does what it says but the final product is not exactly a durable replica of a real weapon nor an exact one but close enough to the real thing.

Jack Streat has taken an in depth look at the workings of these weapons and recreated the firing and reloading mechanisms and used ingenious engineering to replicate the weapons. The book includes step by step illustrations showing the working parts of the weapons and how things happen internally which really helps you understand the build.

These illustrations really help if you have any problems with the weapon during building if things don’t work as well as they should for the moving parts. I found it helpful to know what parts of the gun were critical to the operation or just ornamental for the build so I could replace some parts with ones I had on hand.

I enjoy working with Lego’s and the Lego Heavy Weapons book is a unique book with good instructions and pictures to create the four weapons included. You will need to buy the Lego pieces to create these weapons, or have lots of Lego’s on hand, but the book lists what you need precisely.

If you’re really into creating Lego toys the Lego Heavy Weapons book is a great manual and well worth a purchase as it only costs about $20. The pictures may be in black and white which lends to a little difficulty in clearly seeing parts but this also helped keep the cost down.

I highly recommend the Lego Heavy Weapons as a one of kind book for creating Lego weapons designed by Jack Streat and available at Amazon and other sites.

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